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Are you at the juncture in a relationship where you have exhausted all possibilities for resolution and sought advice from friends and family but nothing has changed? Or perhaps you have tried everything and believe the only solution is to end the relationship. Or you may be a parent with a teenager who is driving you crazy and you feel helpless. As difficult as it is to seek professional help, an experienced relationship counselor can assist you in discovering alternative choices you did not consider that can make a difference in how you approach the problem.

Couple Relationships

  • Are you and your partner experiencing chronic tension and conflict? 
  • Are you facing separation and divorce? 
  • Is your relationship threatened by an affair, addiction, or sexual compulsivity?
  • Are you a military couple dealing with deployments, reunions, reassignments, relocation or retirement?
  • Are you about to marry and considering pre-marital counseling?
  • Do you want to work on your marriage but your partner will not attend therapy?

Parents and Teens

  • Has parent/child tension and conflict increased?
  • Are you adjusting to your child becoming a teenager?
  • Are you troubled by your teen's isolation or defiant behavior?
  • Are you adjusting to your teen leaving home?
  • Is your teen reunifying with an absent parent?
  • Is you teen troubled by unresolved reactions to abuse or family violence?
  • Do you suspect marajuana or other substance abuse?


  • Are you struggling with symptoms of depression and anxiety?
  • Are you faced with life transitions: separation, divorce, empty nest, career change or retirement? 
  • Is there the added responsibility of caring for aging parents or grandchildren?
  • Are you experiencing the effects of aging?
  • Is there unresolved grief?

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